Postsecondary Assessment and Learning Outcomes

Demonstrating and Assessing Critical Thinking Skills Across Multiple Competencies

Critical thinking is at the heart of the knowledge, skills, and attitudes students desire in order to interact and engage in a 21st century world—but what’s the best way to assess specifics such as civic engagement and intercultural competence?  Educational Testing Services will discuss the results of last year’s written communication and critical thinking pilot for the UNC system, and will also elaborate around new measures in the HEIghten suite that augment the assessments with which we’re already familiar.  Dr. Russell will present data about how ETS plans to design and share results from the Spring 2016 pilot with UNC system institutions and will also engage in discussion with the audience about what kind of analyses institutions can conduct with the resulting data.  Doug Baldwin will discuss the full suite of HEIghten assessments and provide information on additional pilot opportunities for two moudles on non-cognitive areas: Civic Competency & Engagement; Intercultural Competency & Diversity.

Location: Room 902


Javarro Russell, Ph.D. is a Senior Research and Assessment Director

Javarro Russell, Ph.D. is a Senior Research and Assessment Director in the Global Education Division at Educational Testing Service in Princeton, NJ.
Dr. Javarro obtained his doctorate in Assessment & Measurement from James Madison University. He has a background in consulting on measurement and assessment design issues in higher education. In his current role, he assists institutions in identifying solutions to assessing and measuring student learning outcomes on their campuses. Javarro also specializes in identifying effective ways of reporting assessment results to audiences with varying levels of expertise in assessment and measurement.



Doug Baldwin is the Executive Director & Strategic Program Advisor for Higher Education Assessment at Educational Testing Service.
Doug received his Master of Philosophy from Yale University. Doug has spent twenty years in assessment development roles at ETS.  During that time he has extended his expertise in constructed-response assessments to the development work on the SAT, GRE, NAEP, Praxis, and most recently the HEIghten suite of student learning outcomes assessments. In his current role, Doug guides the development of the HEIghten assessments to ensure that each module measures its corresponding construct in fair, valid, and reliable ways.



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