Demonstrating Critical Thinking Through Assignments and Rubrics

Assessment: Facilitating student's ability to demonstrate critical thinking through classroom assignments and rubrics

While most instructors agree that critical thinking is used in their classes, are students aware that they are practicing these skills? How can instructors provide students with concrete information about critical thinking skills and their expectations for their use? This interactive session will engage participants in examining how a rubric can be used to analyze the relationship between expected and demonstrated critical thinking skills and to help design course assignments that provide students with opportunities to practice those skills. 

Location: Room 904


Christine Robinson is the Executive Director of the Office of Assessment and Accreditation at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.  As the Executive Director, she leads a team that promotes continuous improvement in student learning, educational practices, and support services and facilitates an institutional culture of ongoing and systematic self-evaluation and improvement. Her Office is responsible for guiding and facilitating assessment efforts as they relate to annual planning, student learning outcomes, and faculty development.



Linda Siefert, Director of Assessment, College of Arts and Sciences and General Education is responsible for the implementation of UNCW's general education assessment process, using classroom work to assess student abilities on UNCW's Learning Goals. She has experience in both quantitative and qualitative research methods, researching topics including eportfolios implementation and the use of meta-rubrics. Linda has presented at: the AAC&U Annual Meeting, AAC&U General Education and Assessment Conferences, AAC&U PKAL Regional Conference, SACS-COC Annual Meeting, and American Educational Research Association Annual Meeting.



Jodi Pettazzoni, Director of Assessment & Accreditation at UNCG has more than 10 years of academic assessment experience.  She was responsible for implementing the faculty-centered Gen Ed assessment processes at two institutions.  Jodi works one on one with faculty to define outcomes, assignments and rubrics to gather useful student learning evidence.



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